stomach Disorders
For stomach disorders homoeopathy has excellent remedies. Here is a list of remedies for different types of stomach disorders.

The principal remedies are Argent Nitricum, Calcarea, Carboveg kalicarb and Lycopodium.

Eplleptic aura:
certain disorders of the stomach precede an epileptic spasm. Cicuta and Nuxvomica are best suited for treating this condition.

Some of the main medicines are Aconita, Arnica, Asafoetida, China, Carboveg kalicarb, Nuxvom phosphorus, Sulphur, etc.

For faintness there is an excellent remedy in Tabacum. Other remedies are Cimicifuga, Digitalis glonihne, Natummur, etc.

Here we have two strong remedies in Causticum and China.

For that sensation of fullness in the stomach, you can use Carboveg, Lycopodium, Nuxmoschata and Sulphur.

You will find great relief if you use Carboveg, China, Kalicarb, Lyco or Podophylum. But if it is worse in themorning, use Cornus Circinata.

If gurging is accompanied by cramps in the stomach use Cuprum. Other good medicines are Arn, Arsenic, Hydrac, etc.

If you have as sensation as if the stomach is hanging down, Ipecac is the best remedy. Other indicated medicines are Calcarea, Calcarea phos, Carboveg, Lycopodium, Staphysagria, Sulphuric acid, etc.

This does not mean the hardness caused by cancerous growths but a temporary sensation of hardness. For this condition, Baryta carb and Barytamur are the principal medicines.

It is usually the result of a faulty diet or excessive use of tea, coffee, tobacco or liquor. Cut down on these substances. Use Calcarea carb, Carboveg, Cicuta, Conium croc, Ferrump, Lycopodium, Magnesia carb, Nuxvom and Pulsatilla.

Remedies for heat are Arsenic, Bryonia, Causticum and Nuxvomica