Skin Burns
The skin is the body's largest organ. It insulates us, shields, us from infection, and helps maintain the proper balance of water and temperature.

These functions can be jeopardized when the skin is burnt by fire, hot objects or fluids, electricity, chemicals, radiation, or other sources.

Burns can be classified into two types - partial and complete, depending upon how deep the burns are.
Partial burns: In this type, minimal damage is caused to the tissue i.e., only the epidermis is involved. It may take five to 10 days for the wound to heal.
Complete burns: Here, the dermis is involved. It is dry, brown, white or black in appearance. It is somewhat firm to touch. Persons with these burns may not feel the pain due to damage to the pain receptors.
Prognosis depends on the depth of the burn. Children having 10 per cent burns and adults having 15 per cent burns have to be put on a saline drip.
Again, if a person suffering from burns has associated disease like diabetes, congestive cardiac failure, lung disease then the prognosis becomes worse.


Here, we talk about simple aids which can be used to control spread of infection on the burns to a large extent.
Always dip the burnt portion in water. Remove the patient away from smoke.
Always ensure that he gets fresh air.
Avoid contamination of the burnt parts by covering them with clean sheets of cloth soaked in cold water.
In case of severe burns transfer the patient to hospital.
Never use any of the following on burns of any kind, as they may slow healing and increase the risk of infection: ice, ointments such as Vaseline, sprays, butter, creams, or oils.
Fibres from materials such as blankets, towels, and tissues can get struck in a wound, and should therefore never be used. Never break blisters.


The remedy for burns of all kinds of all kinds is Cantharis. Apply locally Cantharis X 2 and give internally Canthris-30 four hourly.
For sunburn use Belladonna.
For burns caused by radium, use Phosphorus.
If the burnt area is hot and swollen and the patient has fever, use Aconite.
If gangrene sets in, use Silicea.
If there is pus and the affected area is very sensitive, use Heper sulphur
For burns caused by hot watr or hot oil, where a bilister is inevitable, use urticaurens.
The use of Causticum prevents scarring.

External application of cantharis or calendula lotion or ointment can also be used.