Sciatica is a very common problem, which entails severe pain in the hip joint which frequently extends to the knee joint and foot. This, generally results due to exposure to cold, dampness and strain, fatigue, etc. It often interferes with the motion of the foot, causing stiffness and contraction.


Good remedy for acute sciatica pain. Dull, but nagging pain in the hip which comes suddenly and shoots down to the posterior part of the thigh or to knee or foot. Pain worse will worsen when touched or due to movement.

Arsenicum album:
Indicated when the person has burning pain, acute, dragging pain in the hips and great restlessness. Also effective if the pain shoots up as a result of fatigue and problems of the digestive system.

This medicine works wonders when pain is aggravated, especially during the night time and is relieved after some of the limbs.

Pulsatilla gives good results if the sciatica is left sided. This medicine can also be used when the pain becomes worse in the evening.

Nux vomica:
Nux vomica is indicated when the pain becomes aggravated in the morning and is accompanied by a feeling of stiffness and contraction.

Ignatia is required when the pain is of an incisive nature, particularly when moving the limb.

Kalmia Lat:
This medicine is ideal when there is weakness and the person experiences a bruised feeling in the thighs and when the pain worsens while standing or walking.

This medicine is indicated when an individual experiences pain similar to that of an electric shock.


Have simple and nutritious diet. Exercise regularly.