Running Nose
RUNNING nose is a frequent problem for many. The causes are sudden change of weather, exposure to rain and dust, entrance of foreign bodies in the nose, exposure to A/C environment, drinking cold drinks and eating ice-creams and excessive swimming in hot weather.

The initial symptoms after the exposure are running nose, watery eyes and a feverish feeling after the exposure. Headache, heaviness of head, throbbing pain may also be there. The discharge from the nose at first is watery and becomes thicker later on. And it is accompanied by sneezing. Sometimes, the nose gets blocked and the patient has to breathe through the mouth. The cold may also extend to the middle air, causing earache.


Exposure of cold should be avoided as much as possible. Food products containing Vitamin C should be taken. Feet should be kept dry. Camphor, Aconinf euphrasia, gelsfmium arseniciod, sam ucus all are good medicines.