RHEUMATOID arthritis is a chronic systemic disease of unknown aetiology resulting in destruction and deformities of the affected joints along with various systemic manifestations.


Onset is insidious but may be acute.
Weakness, fatigue and anorexia to start with.
Rise of temperature during acute phase of illness.
Loss of weight as the disease progresses.
There may be pain in neck and occipital region.
Increased susceptibility to infections.
The disease gradually involves wrists, elbows, shoulders in upper limb and knees, ankles, etc. in lower limb. In a typical case, the small pints of fingers and toes are affected. Morning stiffness of the affected joints to start with. Thereafter, stiffness may persist throughout the day. The affected joints become swollen, hot and tender with limitation of movement. The muscles above and below the joints are gradually wasted. Weakness, anorexia loss of weight, myalgia etc. aggregate with the progress of the disease.


Auto-immunity plays the most important role.
Age - Common in the age group 35 to 50 years.
Sex - Female preponderant.
Heredity - May play some role.
Trauma - May precipitate an attack.


Poison ivy, Causticum meadow saffron and Mercurius are good medicines for treating the disease. Several other medicines can be tried according to the symptoms.