PECACUANHA is one of the most important homoeopathic remedies that is used to combat cute cases of haemorrhage, nausea, oppressed breathing and wheezing. It is also a specific medicine for nose bleeds.

Ipecac is to be used for persistent nausea accompanied by infection of the stomach or bowels, pain, fever and haemorrhage. Nausea not relieved by vomiting and nausea with profuse salivation can be cured by ipecac.

Ipecac is a good medicine for shortness of breath or suffocation. It may be associated with haemorrhage, nose bleed, wheezing and at times, nausea. It is also good for threate3ned miscarriage caused by oppressed breathying. Infantile pneumonia with chest loaded with mucus, rapid wheezing and respiration respond well to ipecac.

Ipecac is a great remedy for haemorrhage. It controls bleeding from all orifices of the bod, from the uter4us, blowels, kidneys, nose and lungs, bowels, kidneys, nose and lungs, especially profuse and steady flow of bright red blood, associated with nausea and oppressed breathing. It is used to control haemorrhage after childbirth, after removal of placenta or after a miscarriage.

Ipecac is also a valuable medicine for severe body pain.

cases of malaria which do not respond to treatment with quinine often yield to ipecac