Osteo Arthritis
Osteo arthritis is a chronic, progressive, degenerative disease affecting mainly the cartilage of the big, weight-bearing joints of the body. When multiple joint are affected, it is usually hereditary. Other causes are abnormal stress and strain on the joints.

Osteo arthritis may be primary or secondary. Primary osteo arthritis may involve cervical spine (cervical spondylosis) lumber spine (lumber spondylosis), knee joint (osteo arthritis of the knee) hip joint and the big toe joint.

The secondary type is a signal to various conditions like trauma, gont, rheumatoid arthritis etc.


The weight-bearing joints like, lip, knee, shoulder, elbow and spinal joints are commonly involved. Pain inflicted after exercise and after a period of immobility is one of the symptoms. It is an aching pain and in intermittent initially and then becomes continuous . Sometimes there may be a nocturnal pain, disturbing sleep at night. Gradually, as the pain increases, the patient tends to restrict the movements of the joint, which becomes stiff.

Stiffness is a prominent symptom and it occurs when the patient gets up from bed in the morning after a good night's sleep. But with some movement, the stiffness becomes less.

In several cases all movements are restricted and the patient becomes completely bedridden and invalid. During this acute stage, rest is essential. Diet should be so adjusted so that it helps reduction of overweight.

Physiotherapy may be helpful. Hot bath relieves spasm of the muscle and relieve stiffness.


Colchicum can be used for complaints of small joint with red swelling, tenderness and shifting pain that worsen with motion. This is recommended during the winter season when the pain is maximum.

Rhustox can be used when stiffness of the joints occurs after rest or exposure to cold weather. Slow, gentle movements also cause relief.

A noosed is recommended for osteo arthritis of large joints that occurs with degeneration, when there's pain, swelling and stiffness in the tender joints.
Besides these, Phytolocca, Arnica, Ledulpal, Guaiacum, Chamomilk Nature sulfa all are useful remedies. However, inform your physician before taking these medicines