Nervous Desibility
This is a condition of general lowering of energy and capacity due to fatigue, resulting in slow recuperative power and enfeeblement of all bodily functions. It also follows great mental exertion.


Headache, giddiness, palpitation, deficient hearing power, indigestion, loss of appetite or relish for food, sleeplessness, mental depression, unnecessary fears and anxieties and loss of memory.


Strain and stress of modern day lifestyles, overindulgence in tea, tobacco, alcohol, excessive bleeding and repeated pregnancies.


Plenty of rest and sleep, massage, gentle outdoor exercises and a balanced diet are all very necessary.

Ignatia, Argent nit, Anacardium, Picric acid, Moschus are good medicines.

Chamomilla, Ambra gisea, Pulsatilla and Phosphoric acid can be used according to their indications. Combination medicine Nervoton's performance is also very satisfactory.