Myalgia, alos known as muscular rheumatism, can actually make one a walking-talking barometer, Myalgic pain oftern comes and goes in rapid response to weather-conditionns around. this pain affects the neck, the shoulders, the sides of the ches or the loins. In this disease, it is the muscles that are affected more than the joints. The muscles, the coverings of bones, the shealthes running between the muscles planes (fascia) are the seat of pain and stiffness o muscles or their nerves that are the seat of the attack. In the acute state, there may be fever, in chronic stage, there in none.
ACONITE: This medicine works wonders when there is fever, restlessness and pain aggraves on exposure to cold.

BELLADONNA: This medicine is used when pain in the neck occurs and subsides suddenly

MAGNESIA PHOS : It is useful in acute and in chronic cases.

CIMICIFUGA: This medicine is used when pain is severe and is relieved when pressure is applied on the neck.

LACHNATHES: This medicicine is used when there is stiffnness of neck and patient experiences sprain on moving it. In some cases, the head seems twisted partially to one side.
This is an affliction of the triangular deltoid muscles that help to lift the arms. Hence, the patient is unable to lift the arms. Sanguinaria is an useful medicine for this ache.
The patient is unable to sit or stand eret. It is caused by mere muscular strain, also by exposure to cold and damp weather/ there may or may not be fever and in severe cases. the patinet is unable to get out of the bed.
Berbers Vulgaris: This medicine is used for a stiff back and when pain increases in the morning after sleep.

Rhus Tox: This medicine is used for problems due to muscular strain or exposure to cold. Also used when the case becomes chronic.

Arnica: This medicine is used for problems due to muscular strain.

Aconite; This medicine is used when the lumbago becomes acute, due to exposure to dry cold winds.

Sulphur: This medicine can be used intermittently when the case is chronic.

Antim turt: This one works well when there is pain in the back, especially after meals or during rest: pain in the buttocks and wrist: nausea and vomiting on exertion.

Ranunculus bulb: This one works best for pleurodynia.