HRT Alternatives
Ostrogen replacement therapy was first prescribed for the control of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness. the hormone progesterone was added because oestrogen alone increases a women's risk of cancer of the uterine lining.

The drug companies started looking for how the drug could best be marketed. Oestrogen was known to strengthen bone mass, and women lose bone mass after the menopause resulting in osteoporosis, making them prone to serious fractures, so HRT (hormone replacement therapy) began to be prescribed as a long-term treatment to prevent and evern reverse osteoporosis.. Oestrogen was also promoted as a hormone of youth and feminity, 'rejuvenating' older women, making their skin smooth, giving them energy and so on. Over the years, add-on benefits touted included protection from age-relatedconditions like heart disease and alzheimer's disease. There was money to be made here.

The marketing frenzy reached a height in india, as diagnostic clinics with machines measuring done minera density (BMD) openly courted gynaecologists to get them to send their postmenopausal patients for screening -oftern followed by the prescription of HRT, Senior radiologist aactually admitted offeing doctors discount coupons to encourage their prescribing the test.

Patients were not given advice on safe alternatives. as the August 9 issue of the journal Lancer points out, "The great influence of the drug industry was used to promote HRT to physicians (funding menopausal clinics) and directly to paients (women magzines, leaflets, websites), reinforcing the process of neglecting risks. "

Then in 2002 researchers workig on the Women's Health Initiative, a long-term study of thousand of women sponsored by the US National Institutes of Health were forced to half the study when they found glaring evidence that HRT posed more serious health risks than benefits. women taking the most widely prescribed combination of HRT had an increased risk of heart disease, invasive breast cancer, stroke and serious blood clots, which outweighed the protection from osteoporosis-related fractures and colorectal cancer. In May 2003, furter analysis from the same study found a doubled risk of dementia among woment 65 and older HRT also made breast tumours harder to detect leading to potentially dangerous delays in diagnosis, Other interesting findings: For most woment HRT did'nt make a diffference in their quality of life--another popular reason to prescribe the drug!
The conservative alternative to HRT is a diet rich in calcium and other vitamins, with some calcium and vitamin D supplements, vitamin E and vitamin B complex. Oesrogen is contained in certain foods such as soy products, whole-grain, cereal, seeds, and certain fruits and vegetables. This must be supported by weight bearing exercise which helps bone regeneration. The simplest form of weight bearing exercise is walking.

There are also other drugs available to prevent bone loss. diet and exercise alternatives have proven to be among the safest, natural methods of treatment. Homoepathy and Ayurveda also rank high, as far as menopausal solutions are concerned. Here is a list of Homoeopathy remedies to tackle menopause
IGNATIA: This drug is effective if the minopausal symptoms include nervousnes, numbness in various parts, sinking sensation, flashes, constipation, sensation of ball in throat.

LACHESIS: This drug is effective if patient suffers from severe headache beginning at the back and passing over to the front of the head; sulphur, Valeriana, glonine, sepia, Calcarea and Pulsatilla are other medicines used during this period.