HERPES is an acue inflammation of the skin characterised by the appearance of groups of vesicles having redened, slightly inflamed bases and located for the most part on the face and genitals.
The disease is generally preceded by malaise and slight fever. A burning sensation followed by redness and swelling is usually present at the outbreak of the eruption but gradually declines after its appearance. They are larger than those of eczema but smaller than those of zoster. Herpes may occur on any part of the face or genitals but is commonly found at the corners of the lips. the prepuce and labia. It tends to recur more on the male genitals than on the female and is apt to be mistaken for chancroids.


Calendula mother tincture can be used locally.
The internal medicines are:
In the early stage of fever use Aconite. For herpes on the cheeks which is itchy, use Agnus cactus and for chronic herpes use Alnus rubra.
Arsenic is good for treatng herpes around the mouth with a burning sensation and Aurummur is good for treating herpes on the prepuce and vulva.
Herpes on the nose is treated with Hamamelis and for herpes on the hairy parts with burning and stinging sensations use Rhustox.
Besides Sepia, Sulphur, Sarsaparilla, Upas, Kalibichrom are good for Herpes.