Falling Hair

Hair fall, techniclly termed as alopecia and commonly known as baldness, is common in the elderly. It may sometimes occur due to severe illness. It can also occur due to excessive dandruff present in the scalp. If bladeness is due to hereditary reasons, it can attack the young too (below 30)

Partial bladeness may occur in certain portions of the scalp. The cause is unknown. While premature baldness can be cured, baldness in the elderly is not.
Alopecia due to excessive dandruff can be cured by shampooing the scalp with a good herbal shampoo. First the scalp has to be cleaned and massaged well with dry hands to clear the dandruff.

GRAPHITES: These pills are for those who suffer from dandruff accompanied by eczema and other eruptions. Their scalp is scaly with distressing itching. They suffer from excessive hair fall and a burning sensation on their scalp.
CALCAREA SULPH: This medicine is used when dandruff on the scalp caused eruptions with yellow crusts. There is certain amount of eczema along with falling of hair. Calcarea sulph is also used in cases when dandruff causes pimples.
THUJA: This medicine gives good results when dandruff is white and scaly. Hair also becomes dry and falls out.
SEPIA: This medicine works wonders when dandruff occurs in circles like ringworm. The scalp is moist. There is a considerable amount of hair fall accompanied by pimples on the forehead (near the hair).
PHOSPHORUS: This medicine is used when hair fall occurs in bunces and is accompanied by itching on the scalp.
USTILAGO M: This medicine is used when baldness occurs due to syphilis. In this case, the lost hair cannot be restored.
ACID FLOUR: This medicine gives good results when hair breaks, splits and tacks natural lusre.
SELENIUM: This medicine is used when galling of hair occurs from head and other parts of the body, leaving bald, shiny patches.
PHOSPHORIC ACID: This medicine works effectively when falling of hair from head and other parts of the body occurs due to general weakness (after a disease like typhoid etc).
NOTE: When these custommade medicines fail to yield good results, team them up with the regular allopathic medicines for better results.