FOOD poisoning or gastroenteritis is very common during the summer season. Eating tainted meat, fish, ice-creams and drinking contaminated water causes the disease. It usually takes few hours for the symptoms to develop.

There is tenderness in the pit of the stomach, a heavy sensation in the stomach and bad taste in the mouth.
There is nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea. If the case worsens, there is dizziness, even delirium and changes in the pupils of the eye.
The heart beat becomes rapid and weak. Sometimes, acute inflammation of the small intestine is usually found in children.

It is accompanied by fever, rigor and cramps around the naval. The pain becomes so acute that the patient is afraid to move. Appetite is lost, bowels are constipated or watery motions occur. There may be nausea and flatulence.


Absolute rest, application of fomentation on abdomen and drinking hot water, barley gruel or coconut water.
Arsenic, Pulsatilla colocynth, Podophylum ipecac and Aconite all are good homoeopathic medicines to be used. These should be used only after consulting a physician.
Very few homoeopathic pharmaceuticals are dependable. So, please be careful and buy homoeopathic medicine only from stores of repute