Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation is one of the most severe dysmenorrhea is common among the present generation of young women who lead sedentary lives. Patients suffering from dysmenorrhea also find it difficult to work during period.

Dysmenorrhea is usually classified into three types:
1) Congestive
2) Spasmodic
3) Membranous


Congestive dysmenorrhea occurs three to five days before the onset of menstruation and is always relieved by menstrual flow. It is often the first symptom of pelvic disease, inflammatory disease such as salpingo oophoritis, pelvic adhesions, etc. Correct diet and avoiding the carbohydrates will provide relief.


Membranous dysmenorrhea is regarded as an extreme form of spasmodic dysmenorrhea. It is fortunately very rate and is said to run in families. The treatment is same as that recommended for spasmodic dysmenorrhea.


The majority of cases of dysmenorrhea fall into this group. In this type of dysmenorrhea, the pain develops on the first day of menstrual period, when excruciating pain is experienced which lasts for a relatively short time. The pain si intermittent, spasmodic and may cause giddiness or vomiting.


> Frequent, gushing, membranous, painful and stringly flow, swollen and painful breasts before menses, excessive memstruation discharge of bloddy mucous after memses - symptoms such as these can be cured with Lc Caninum.
> Colocynthcan be used for suppressed menses with collie, which feels better when you bend forward and put pressure on the abdomen.
> Membranous, early and profuse with griping in the abdomen, nausea and pain in the stomach extending to lower back can be cured with Borax.
> Pulsatilla is a wondrous medicine for dark, clotted, copius and scanty menses that are painful, intermittent and irregular.
> Menses with neuralgic pain, dysmenorrhea with pains extending to other parts of the body can be cured with caulophyllum.
> Magnesia Phos is a good medicine for membranous dysmenorrhea.
> Delayed, irregular, painful, pale and scanty flow - these symptoms ca be cured with Graphites.
> Actae race can be used for delayed, painful, neuralgic, rheumatic pain, and if you have scanty, suppressed flow due to emotions or fever.
> Mensus copius - dark, frequent, intermittent, irregular during day time, offensive, painful and thick flow - can be cured with Lilium.