Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes mellitus is characterized mainly by polyuria, excessive thrist and excessive hunger due to absolute deficiency of insulin or diminished biological effectiveness of it.


Onset is usually gradual. There may be no symptoms and the disease may present complications like peripheral neuritis, retinopathy, nephropathy, recurrent carbuncles, etc. In some patients the classical features of diabetes are as follows.

Polyuria - The amount of urine may be several litres in 24 hours. This is due to excessive sugar in the urine which acts as a diuretic.

Excessive thirst - Patient may consume several litres of water in 24 hours to quench his thirst.

Excessive hunger - Patient always feels hungry and may have a craving for sweets, honey, sugar etc.

Rapid emaciation -There may be rapid loss of weight and diabetes should always be considered as an important cause.

Constipation - The stool becomes had and bowel movement may take place after every two or three days.

Intense itching - This is an important symptom and is located in the anus or external genitalia. This is due to irritant action of sugar on the tissues and superimposed fungal or bacterial infections.


Diet should be regularized. For a diet chart consult a physician. Cephalendra, Kaliphos, Acidphos, Gymnema sylvesta. Natrum sulphsyzaygium, Urennitricum are all very dependable medicines to use.