Cervical Spondylosis
Cervical spondylosis may sound like an exotic ailment, but almost every body seems to suffer from it. Like always, Homeopathy has some effectives solutions for the same. Intrestingly, there are various Homeo medicines for the ailment depending on the periodicity, the frequency and the intensity of the pain.
  • Pain in the neck, begining at the arms. Pain increases after coughing, sneezing, jolting etc.
  • Restricted movement of the neck and pain while turning the head.
  • Swallowing of food may also become difficult sometimes. Chest pain is also present in some cases. Compression of the spinal cord may give rise to spasticity of the limbs, particularly of the lower limbs.

Besides taking ample rest when you are suffering from pain and having easily digestible, healthy food, the following Homeopathic medicines can be of help.
RHUS TOX: Incases when back pain occurs due to lifting of heavy weights; small of the back is stiff and bruised.
FLOURIC ACID: When you feel pain in the nape of your neck. You may feel weak and there is numbness of forearms and neck. You may feel pricking pain in the fingers. You may also find it difficult to write.
CAUSTICUM: Swelling of cervical glands. Stiff neck, pain in the shoulder blades, arms and hands. Paralytic feeling in right hand.
CAULOPHYLLUM: Stiffness of nape of neck Fingers stiff and awful pain when closing hand.
GNAPHALIUM: Giddy feeling especially on rising up. Numbness of limbs alternating with pain. Tearing pain in thighs which gets relieved when getting up.
Inflammation of vertebrae, feels as if bones are being scraped with a knife, paralytic weakness of spine and general weaknes.
CONIUM MAC: Pain in the back between the shoulders, lumbar and sacral region and vertigo.
RHODODENDRON: Tension and drawing in muscles of nape of neck. Stiff neck, rigidity of nape. Tingling and heaviness of arms and tips of fingers, as if there is no circulation of blood.
LEDUM PAL: Pain in upper dorsal, lumbar and sacral vertebrae, spine becomes sensitive, stiffness and contraction of neck and back.
MEDORRHINUM: Vertigo when stooping, stiff neck, spasms of neck muscles, numbness in limbs. Burning pain, weight and pressure in vertex. Burning of hands and feet. Excruciating neuralgia(pain in the pace) which gets worse during the day. Combination medicine S-3 is very effective for spondylities.