It is a condition caused by the uni-celled organism, Entamoeba histolytica.


Constipation alternating with dysentery is usually present.
Flatulence, acidity, heartburn and duodenal ulcer like symptoms are seen.
Abdominal pain, sometimes around the umbilicus is present.
Low grade temperature may sometimes be present.
Nervous temperament called tropical neurasthenia may develop.
Pigmentation in the face is commonly seen.
In chronic amoebiasis, the caecum and pelvic colon are thickened, tender and cord-like. The liever is enlarged, soft and tender.


Hepatic amoebiasis leads to hepatic abscess with its associated complications.
Pericolitis and pericolic abscess.
Haemorrhage, perforation and peritonitis.
Abscess in brain, lungs and spleen.
Cutaneous amoebiasis.
Fistula formation and rectal prolapse.


The diet should be high in protein as it contains less residue.
Kurchi, Nu7xvom, Chapparo, Colocynth, and Sulphur are very good medicines for this ailment.