Alcoholism is a problem when organic changes appear in the body or when symptoms that need medica attention occur. In some cases, even symptoms due to abstinence can become a major problem.
Rise in temperature, the flush of external heat at the expense of the internal organs.
Excessive doses of alcohol can actually lead to lowering of the body temperature. The functional activity of the brain is hampered. There is a feeling of mental and physical exhilaration followed by one of comfort and repose.
Inability to Work.
If the amount of alcohol consumed exceeds the toxic doses, there is loss of co-ordination and    muscular power; double vision, sleeplessness, deliriumm anaesthesia, and when the full limit     is reached there is total collapse.
In extreme cases
The temperature is subnormal, the body is bathed in cold persiration, the pulse may become so weak that it may not be felt, it may be very slow or very fast, the breathing is laboured.
The amount of urine is increased. In cases where it does not progress to collapse, nausea and    vomiting may set in.
This onset is usually seen after an alcoholic debauch or withdrawal. there may be restlessness,    insomnia, nocturnal anxiety, hallucination of animals such as mice, rat, etc, high fever,    dryness of tongue, tremor of fingers, face, lips, and tongue.
Homeoeopathic medicine should be given symptomatically to prevent the toxic effect of alcohol intake, Combination medicines SI is very effective to lessen the craving for alcohl. If it is taken for a considerable period of time it totally removes the habit of taking alcohol from a person. Nux Vomica, Gelfemium, Stercula and Colocynth are other effective solutions. But these have to be taken depending on the case. Even the amount of drug (no matter how small) has a significant impact on the patient.